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E-commerce Delivery

For over 15 years MHI have been redefining the way that mail is moved around the globe. Over this period we have developed and continually refined our Intelligent Routing Information System (IRIS), a best cost routing software application which accesses MHI preferential rate information from virtually every Postal Administration across the globe along with numerous local (but regulated), in-country postal suppliers.

Our E-Commerce Route Optimising System (E-CROS) accesses all the functionality of IRIS with the addition of bespoke software modules and the latest operational hardware to support, coordinate and reconcile client data, with individual mail items and warehouse despatch processes. E-CROS brings optimum cost routing to those customers with bulk ‘on demand’ and daily mixed mail volumes being generated through online campaigns and ECommerce.

E-CROS Benefits

  • Cost benefits in reduced postal rates through route optimisation and mail consolidation
  • Reduced operational costs passed on from MHI due to more automated mail handling.
  • Retrieval of distribution metrics for campaign evaluation
  • Client view on mail flow process with information view available for individual mail items.
  • Online tracking of all dispatched items via . Full end to end, online tracking for signed for services. Track to destination country/export router for non-signed services.
  • ECROS is freely available to customers accessing MHI services directly or can be purchased on a software, systems and support basis for use on client’s own premises.
  • Reduction in re-mailed replacement items through tracking to the point of despatch.
  • Access to multiple suppliers without having to negotiate multiple contracts and reconcile numerous invoices.


E-CROS links directly to , our online mail tracking facility. Here clients and consumers can track both signed for and non-signed for items from point of despatch through to final delivery/ country of destination (dependant on service selected), giving a full and real time visibility over the delivery status of all items mailed.

Tracking numbers can be pre-determined meaning that these details can be communicated to the purchaser/receiver at point of ordering.

Available in over 50 languages,Trackmail greatly improves customer relations and confidence by offering more detailed information across all services options.

Operational capabilities

E-CROS utilises the latest hardware, both standard and bespoke manufactured, to maximise the throughput of mail items and optimise warehouse operations. This allows efficient processing of variable size and weight E-Commerce items whilst not damaging contents or pack integrity. On Automatic Scan Mode E-CROS reduces the processing time per item to well below ½ second for conforming materials. This benefits by reducing operational costs and increasing package throughput.

The m-bag address label replication mode has also greatly reduced the speed of finalising m-bags & parcels by automatically creating a secondary address label at scan stage. Whether scanning manually or automatically E-CROS scanner pods allow for a number of ancillary campaign related and operational functions to be carried out. For example:-

  • Scan barcodes for cross matching
  • Capture images of addresses for pre printing bag labels
  • Auto print CN22 customs documents
  • Data capture returned mail information
  • Print PPI, image and mail merged data for large scale mail runs
  • Scan, allocate routing and print PPIs on large mail runs.

IT integration

No IT integration is required to initially access the majority of E-CROS services. However the following additional benefits can be accessed through the implementation of a daily client data feed:-

  • Improve speed of mail processing
  • Ability to communicate cost/invoice data with multiple second tier end clients.
  • Greater reconciliation of generated daily mail volumes against recorded items processed.

Client site implementation

E-CROS can also be made available to customers for implementation within their own warehouse environments. Integration and interaction can be achieved with client in house systems and the software coded and configured to reflect existing client distribution contracts where these are either more attractive from a cost perspective or offer other operational benefits.

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