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We work with some of the leading online retailers, sending thousands of parcels every day to all corners of the globe. We also understand the challenges faced by smaller retailers trying to compete with the big players on fairer terms. That’s why we created E-CROS, our ground-breaking E-Commerce Route Optimising System. E-CROS helps to level the playing field by providing more flexible routing options and a wider choice of providers to redefine the way mail is moved around the globe.

By providing more flexible routing options and a broader range of postal delivery products, this game-changing technology opens up a world of cross-border trade, giving our clients easier access to new and emerging markets. Being independent means we have complete flexibility to tailor a service to suit the need. Oh, and did we mention that we’re better resourced to deliver than most in our industry? There, we just did!

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E-CROS links directly to , our online mail tracking facility. Here you can track both ‘signed for’ and ‘non-signed for’ items (dependant on service selected), from point of despatch through to final delivery/country of destination. This allows full and real time visibility on the delivery status of all items mailed.

Available in over 50 languages, Trackmail greatly improves customer relations and confidence through more detailed information across all services options.

For a speedy resolution please send your tracking queries to (Any tracking queries sent to our Sales Team may take longer to be processed and resolved.)

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E-CROS Benefits

  • Cost efficientReduced postal rates are achieved through route optimisation and mail consolidation.
  • Confidence in the service Full end to end, online tracking for signed for services. Track to destination country/export router for non-signed services.
  • Reduced overheadsLower your operational costs with the increased automation of mail handling.
  • System integration E-CROS is freely available to customers accessing MHI services directly or can be purchased on a software, systems and support basis for use on your own premises.
  • Management Information Easy retrieval of distribution metrics for campaign evaluation.
  • Save money Reduction the number of replacement items re-mailed by tracking post to the point of despatch.
  • Improved visibility Client view on mail flow process with information view available for individual mail items.
  • Time-saving Access multiple suppliers, more conveniently, without the hassle of negotiating multiple contracts and reconciling invoices from different services.
  • Greater transparency Online tracking of all dispatched items via

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